BLACK BEAUTYSHOP is where beauty and wellness merge bringing everything that makes us beautiful, from our bodies to our minds; where we hang or who we hang with; what motivates us to how we relax. The Black BeautyShop Health Foundation turns Black women’s interest in beauty and personal care into opportunities for raising awareness of how to prevent and manage disease. We are a vehicle for access to health information, free health screenings and education to address the critical lack of services to women of color through Black owned Beauty Shops across the United States.


Coming to a City Near You

May -October 2020

Today African-American women are redefining their standard of beauty. 

The Black woman is re-examining  her definition of beauty and asking herself, "What is my comfort level with my looks or appearance?  What makes me beautiful?" In doing so you should also ask, "What is my frame of reference in accepting and defining notions of modern female beauty?" Am I basing my beauty on the standards of my family, community or race or by the standards set by Western values that often exclude women that look like me. One thing is for certain; images profoundly influence our lives in both celebratory and disturbing ways.

The Black BeautyShop Health Foundation Promotes

A Beautiful You

BLACK BEAUTYSHOP celebrates our beauty; black, bronze, red, golden brown, café latte mocha,dark brown, light brown, butterscotch, tan, burnt orange, paper bag tan, light bright almost white and all the colors in between as Beautiful. Bottom line, WE ARE BEAUTIFUL!  Now say out loud to yourself "I AM BEAUTIFUL" and embrace it.

A Healthy You

We want women to be enlightened, educated, and savvy about their overall healthcare so that they can make informed choices and manage their health intelligently.  Women are always busy taking care of everyone else before themselves and the only "down time" they really take is the few hours spent at the beautyshop.  Choose to live by choosing health first. 


Today's  generations have grown up believing, "You deserve a Break today," which when translated conveys that they should eat a 'Big Mac, fries and a shake.' Years on a diet of fried and or processed foods, meats, starches and sugar catches up and wreaks havoc on your body. The lack of nutrition and fiber is bad to begin with but the combination of sugar and carbs is deadly. Nutrition is important first to make your body function properly. Sugar adds weight on you and carbohydrates maintain the weight. The lack of fiber slows down your elimination process and causes sluggishness or constipation. Drinking sugar loaded drinks and avoiding alkaline water can make a cesspool of our body where infections, viruses and disease fester and grow.  Choose to eat healthier.

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