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Salon Network

BLACK BEAUTYSHOP recognizes that the SALON is the IT Factor in a woman's life. The Beauty Shop is where we go to enhance our beauty and in old school lingo, GO GET OUR HAIR DID.  It is where we went to socialize, catch up on the gossip, shoot the breeze, engage in "girl talk," "shop talk" and learn about the latest and the best in hair, skin, products and fashion BLACK BEAUTYSHOP is committed to provide you with the researched information that will help to make you an educated, informed consumer who is better equipped and knowledgeable in making the best choices to manage your healthy and beauty options. 


Black BeautyShop Health Foundation events are coming to a city near you soon. Join our network to participate and receive the latest news on Heath & Wellness programs and activities, Beauty-n-Motion 5k Walk Run; "Girls Night Out" Beauty-n-Black Fitness Expo and other upcoming events in your city.  


Sign up for your FREE quarterly listing opportunities and to be featured on our site, submit by email your Salon Name, Address, City, State, Zip, Telephone, & website.  Also let us know whats happening in your city and and at your Salon.   

Salon Network Cities:

Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, DC, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Oakland, Philadelphia, Richmond and New York


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