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The Black BeautyShop Health Foundation




FREE health screenings are provided in the salons and at special community events for a variety of health concerns such as Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Breast Cancer, HIV/AIDS & STDs.



We disseminate educational materials on preventive options to live healthier lifestyle in the salon. Through the salons and  our Expo, we focus on Obesity, Fitness, Diabetes, Heart Disease, HIV/AIDS, Breast and Cervical Cancers, Fibroid Tumors, Mental Health, Substance Abuse and over all wellness.



Working with our partners, we refer women to local healthcare providers that offer FREE or low-cost health services, access to health insurance options as well as assist them with on-going education and follow through care in each city.  Black Beautyshop is currently working with salons to establish them as Community Health Resource Centers.

Bfit* BFine* BFabulous Project

Utilizing local parks that have installed Community Fitness Equipment, we design free fitness workouts for women along with group Zumba and Yoga Classes. In addition, we provide cooking demos with menu planning that assist the women to achieve lifestyle changes and wellness goals.

My Beauty Bag

The "My Beauty Bag" Program provides a shining light of self esteem, comfort and hope to women who are dealing a cronic illness, domestic violence and living in shelters. By partnering with individuals and corporate sponsors through our “My Beauty Bag” program, we address the immediate emotional needs of women to feel beautiful, and loved by providing bags filled with beauty and wellness products to lift their spirits and provide hope.

 The Black Beautyshop Health Foundation creates Pop-Up Salons that offers complimentary pampering and beauty services to women in low income areas, seniors and those living in shelters. With th help of volunteers in the beauty industry and beauty schools,  we are able to provide hair, makeup, nail, massages and other services.  We also work with other non-profit organizations and women programs to creat Pop-Up Salons at their locations as well. 


Pop Up Salon


By partnering and supporting our health outreach programs, you will aid in our foundation's efforts to continue both a national grassroots and social media campaign to introduce, screen, inform, educate, provide proven methods and tools to assist women in making lifestyle changes.  Funding this program will also aid with the much needed ongoing outreach support to find solutions to lower health risk among African-American Women.

BBSHF is a sponsored program of United Charitable Programs

UCP a 501(c)(3), 509(1)(1) charity (EIN 20-4286082)

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