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The Business of Beauty

​Move over Mary Kay. There’s a new and more hip, direct beauty seller in town. Model, talk show host and entrepreneur Tyra Banks is expanding a test of direct selling for Tyra Beauty.

"I am charged with shaking up the world of beauty,” Banks said. “Anyone can join our crew of badass entrepreneurs and be the ceo of their own lives.” Enrollment costs $59 and participants are trained through an online program called TYRA-U.

Launched in October 2014, the 100 percent self-funded Tyra Beauty assortment of 14 items available in various shades has been sold on a dedicated Web site before adding the direct channel in March. Prices range from $18 for an eyeliner to $63.50 for a collection of stick formulations. Products bear clever names such as Smack My Fat Lash and Menage a Brow.

Tyra Beauty’s general manager, Anita Krpata, is well versed in direct selling. Prior to joining Tyra last October, she was global vice president field development for Stella & Dot, a direct marketer jewelry company. “With the help of our pre-launch Beautytainers, we have spent this year planning, experimenting and refining to develop the best business opportunity available,” Krpata said. “We don’t do ho-hum or straight up; we create experiences that will transform.” Another Stella & Dot veteran, Evacheska DeAngelis Barton, is senior director Field Development in charge for training and development. The sales representatives can choose how they want to build their business including home parties and social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

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